“Freedom freedom calls my name- taking off this guilt and shame” (a song that has really stuck out to me since being here in Pasay, Philippines.

While being here in The Philippines, my outlook on life has completely changed. Iv fallen in love.

More in love with Jesus, Iv fallen in love with Filipinos, Iv fallen in love with this little boy named Eloy, Iv fallen in love with the women Iv gotten to minister to, Iv fallen in love with this life. The life of living for Jesus and not myself.

The center of my life has become Love, but with love also comes some pain.

My team has the privilege of working with a ministry here that ministers to women in prostitution and get to see some get free from this lifestyle. A woman decided to get out of prostitution this past Wednesday and go into a program where she can get healing and discipled and find new work. And as she went home to take care of her family before she left- she never came back. It hurts to see and hear she isn’t responding to calls. (Prayers for her are welcomed)

So many people think that prostitution is a choice they make, but little do many know that it’s not. Or know that 90% of the women have been abused. Little do people know that parents all over Asia and other parts of the world put their children in prostitution to make money for the family. And while the stories are really hard to hear- it is all worth it when you get to tell them about Jesus and light begins to shine in their eyes, or they tell you what and who they love, or when they decide to follow Jesus and leave this life behind. Often we don’t get to see the fruit but we trust seeds have been planted and put them in the hands of Jesus.

I feel so blessed to be apart of all God is doing here. From the women, to the youth, to children, to the animals we find dying and save, all of it. Thank you Jesus for letting me be your hands and feet.


Pasay, Metro Manila 

Wow, what an incredible week it has been! I have never experienced another culture then my own, so coming to Asia has been quite the adjustment. At first I was a bit overwhelmed with not knowing what to do. Learning how to cross the street without crosswalks and without getting hit by a car, to different foods, to language barriers,  to children all over begging for money or food, to babies being left outside stores while the parent or person taking care of them shops or does buisness somewhere else, and more. I have fallen in love with the Filipino people. So kind, so open, so joyful. 

We were on evangelism one day and I was able to speak to individuals as well as groups of people which was absolutely amazing. That day my partner and I saw 24 people get saved and all together my whole team saw 50 people saved. From evangelism, to prayer walking, to reading the Bible and proclaiming Gods word on the streets-in one week my team of seven was Gods hands and feet in 56 salvations, 167 people prayed for, and 74 gospel messages shared.  The Holy Spirit did all the work- I can say that confidently with my own experience because so many times I was saying to myself-” I have no idea what I am going to say right now. I need you God” and He was so faithful. We have gotten the privilege to have dinner with the president of a school, to speak to crowds of people and share the good news, invited into homes for coffee or just to see where they live, to pick up trash on people’s streets and so much more. 

At first the adjustment was crazy hard but I can now say that this is such a privilege to be here and serve these people. As we were eating dinner with some men tonight. One of them said ” We have no money, but we are happy people” and it is so amazing to see the joy that comes out of Filipino people. They don’t find their joy in materials but in God and in relationship with other people. 

Thank you for all those praying for my team and I. Please continue to pray for us as we continue here. Prayer for strength and energy, protection, continued unity in the team, and whatever the Holy Spirit prompts you to. Thank you

Much love,


Lets Go!!!

Well, today is the day 10:00 tonight (10 am Saturday for ya’ll) we head out! Its been a challenging, stretching, growing, healing, all together amazing past three months here in Perth, Australia. I have learned quite a bit- yes, but a lot of the knowledge that I already had and have learned here has sunk from my head to my heart. Revelation after revelation- I have gotten so much out of the past three months, but if I were to pick one thing that was super significant- it would be that I have become secure in who I am. I came here not dancing in front of anyone (not even by myself), not really wanting to sing in front of anyone, feeling awkward more often then not, and not feeling confident when I spoke, but I can honestly say, most of that has been transformed. Though I still don’t enjoy dancing I have danced in front of many people, I walk through the streets and halls singing, I talk with people now without feeling awkward and I have learned how to relate to people my own age (which is so cool- iv been missing out), and I can share now without fear of what anyone will say or think. This has only been possible by laying down my opinion of myself and hearing the truth of who God says I am.

I am very excited as we pack up and head out. We are going to be staying in the region of Pasay, Philippines. I should have internet and will keep ya’ll updated!

Much love, Schy

Lay it down 

Who knows that song ‘Lay it all down’ by United pursuit? Such a great song. If you haven’t heard it- let me encourage you to please go listen to it! 

This past week we went into quite some depth on the topic of Lordship. Let me tell y’all- it rocked my world. Since I have been saved:Lordship and discipleship have been such a big aspect of being a ‘Christian’.  But their was more to lay down. Daily I lay down the right I have felt to react when someone treats me poorly, daily I lay down the right to do my own thing, if He tells me to- I lay down my right to eat, or sleep, or  go where I want to go, and the list goes on. But their was more. Laying down my opinion of myself, laying down mistrust of other people, laying down expectations Iv placed on family, even the right to be loved by family. I have had to lay these things down because they constantly lead to disappointment. And it’s crazy that I have already gotten to see some fruit of these decisions. 

So when making Jesus Lord seems hard- remember that He said “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” it may seem so difficult to hand things over and put it into His control but ultimately you will feel so incredibly lighter. You don’t have to carry around all these worries, disappointments and struggles. Cast them onto Him, He can carry them so much easier. 

In awe

Intercession- standing in the gap- being a part of what God wants to do in someone else or some other situation- knowing it’s not by my power but by His authority given us to exercise. 

This week has been incredible. From watching people get healed- to experiencing intercession in amazing new ways to just getting so much more passionate about prayer and getting a better understand of why it is so necessary in the Christian walk.

On another note how important worshipping in spirit and in truth is and what does actually mean…My new definition? Worship- surrender- loving those around me-dancing-singing-rejoicing-clapping-actively expressing my love and devotion and thankfulness towards God not just in the set 4 songs during church or meeting but in daily life. Not standing by idly but pouring out everything that is within me- all to Him. The only one who deserves it. Not looking inwardly but to God with all my praise.

For anyone who knows me- they know I do not dance. I just do not do it. I have no rhythm- and honestly it’s just awkward. I don’t know what to do with my arms. Like really.. where do I put them and what do I do? Same with my feet. I get tired of jumping real quick but people always move them around and it looks so cool. I don’t know..dancing- just not my thing. But let me tell y’all… I danced this week. I did. It happened. I bet I looked silly as all get out but I didn’t care I was dancing for the Lord. I was getting so excited about Him that I couldn’t help but jump up and down throw my arms around and shout at the top of my lungs. It has been amazing to go deeper with God this week. I am so excited to learn more and exercise it as we continue on this walk.
We all prayed about what team to go on for outreach and I feel as if I heard to go to one of the teams just staying in Manila which I did end up getting placed on so I am quite excited about that. I am in an awesome group with an awesome leader. Still have a couple months but happy it’s in place.

Just thought I’d catch y’all up on what’s going on on this side. Love you blessed.

YWAM update

Hi my beautiful friends! Just want to update everyone on all that’s going on on this side of the earth. We just completed week two of lecture phase yesterday. Week one was on hearing Gods voice which was an awesome topic with an awesome speaker. At first, I was kind of like ‘oh man this is going to be so repetitive’, but once I got out of myself and humbled myself to the point where I could receive, I got some great revelation. I am so excited to grow in hearing His voice much clearer and working through things that will make this easier. For example: holding onto unforgiveness can hinder hearing His voice so working on more forgiveness (yay) will open more doors and make hearing His voice that much clearer. Week two was on the character and nature of God. This was a very big topic for me. Certain things which I believed I had worked through He showed me I still have much more to learn in that area. His nature and character is so exciting because He is just so diverse and unique, and we can always learn so much more about Him. I have gotten so excited to grow in this and such a desire to learn more about Him, especially through His word. The other day I was reading the first few chapters of Genesis and (it kind of seems a lot of people have seen this, but I very clearly missed it) I noticed that even after Adam and Eve ate the fruit, after they brought sin to all of mankind, God still made them clothes. Like talk about some serious grace. Like you’re naked, and then you spit on me break my heart and then I take the clothes off my own back and give them to you. That shows His character in amazing ways. Such love, such grace!

Besides the teachings and revelations, I have met some amazing people. I have been blessed with a room of 24 ladies, and they are so friendly. My staff is absolutely wonderful, and my DTS is made up of 42 altogether, which actually seems quite large, especially into comparison of other ones that have about 12. We have five other DTS’ running at Perth base as well as other ministries and (I think) approximately 500 people at our base. Which I didn’t think I would like so much, because I typically enjoy smaller groups, but I have been loving getting to know so many people from all the different parts of this base, from staff to other students, to women working in other ministries, to the different speakers. We also have people here from 29 different nations which has been so cool!

Financially I am doing very well, just have my plane ticket back money to get which is approximately $1,100, everything else seems as though I have it! Which to me is just so exciting and I really want to say thank you to everyone who has supported this trip, financially and through prayer…both mean so much! Anyways that about all I have to share at this point!

Love you, Schy

Agape VS Eros

So often we forget what true love is, what Agape love is. We want love back so much that we sacrifice the true meaning for our own selfishness. Love is not always this mushy lovey feeling that is accompanied by butterflies. Love- suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

When this verse says love does not seek its own, its saying that it doesn’t want anything in return. We skip over confrontation, speaking the truth in love, correction, all for the sake of what? Being accepted and wanting love in return? What a confronting scripture this is…a scripture that is just so convicting. As I read through the gospels, it amazes me to see the way Jesus loved others. It is so different then how the world says we should. Notice that many, many people disliked Jesus. Why? Because He didn’t seek His own, He truly wanted their good (even if it didn’t feel good for them in the moment). He consistently rebuked the very people that literally hung Him on the cross-the people He knew were going to be putting Him up on that cross.

How often do we see a family loving a son or daughter to the death? For example: She is deep in addiction and the family keeps bailing her out every time she gets in a bad spot, so she can just keep on going around and around the same mountain. You don’t give someone who is already stealing, in and out of jail, lying, manipulating, etc… money or a place to live. Consequences to actions are so very important and as you read the bible, it is filled with the same message. Being support for them/letting them know you are praying for them, and letting them know you are always there for them when they get a repentant heart is so very important. On another note though the very 50 dollars you give them for food (or whatever you think they will spend it on) may be the very 50 dollars that they buy heroin with and overdose. It’s called enabling and it’s not true love. There is no fear in love and perfect love casts out fear. So if you are giving them money because you are fearful for their life-then what? That is not Gods unconditional love. That is self-seeking. But by the worlds standards-is this love? Most definitely!

-On a personal note-had the Lord never put people in my life to love me in this way…I am fairly positive I would be dead.

This was just one example from one portion of this scripture on love. I ask Lord, that you would reveal what part right now that we could each be working on, and that you would give us the full revelation why it is so important to love like you, and give us the grace to do so. Thank you and I praise you in the precious name of Jesus.


! Corinthians 13:4-7

1 John 4:18